All You Need To Know Before You Adopt A Cat

Well Be Taking A Closer Look At The Cat Known For Its Stunning Coat And Social Nature

They Have Round Faces With Yellow Or White Fur Around Their Ears

When Fully Mature They Average Between 816 Pounds In Weight

There Is A Long Dense Double Coat With A Soft And Silky Undercoat

Cats Need Regular Baths If They Suffer From Allergies Or Flea Bites

They Have Large Almondshaped Eyes That Come In A Variety Of Colors

The Felines Are Known For Their High Intelligence And Curiosity

Siberias Are Known To Thrive On Mental Stimulation

If Your Pet Is Left Outdoors For Too Long They Will Pick Up Fleas And Ticks

Socialization Is An Important Part Of Owning A Pet; to learn more click on below link