To briefly answer the first question, most hamsters can safely eat strawberries as a small supplement to their daily diet.

Strawberries should never be fed to replace the nutrition that your hamster gains from their regular diet of pellets, hay, and vegetables.

Strawberries are rich in antioxidants, as well as containing high levels of vitamin C. They can help keep our hearts healthy, as well as reduce the effects of inflammation.

Vitamin C is essential for healthy vision and cardiac function and is used to rebuild cells within the body.

Strawberries contain fiber, which is important in helping your hamster’s gastrointestinal system remain healthy.

Some hamsters may be allergic to strawberries, so the first time you feed any to them, you need to watch your hamster’s reaction carefully.

Keep a close eye on your hamster over the next 48 hours, to check that they’re not suffering from any adverse reactions after they’ve eaten the strawberry.

If your hamster develops diarrhea or loose poop after eating strawberries, don’t feed them more of this fruit.

It’s best to feed your hamster their regular pellets and vegetables first and give them a small amount of fruit as a treat once they’ve finished.

Some hamsters do love fruit, so you may decide to feed your hamster a small portion of these once or twice a week.

Hamsters love to store some of their food for later, so always check your hamster’s cage carefully to make sure they haven’t hidden any pieces of fruit that may then start to go moldy.

Fruit should never be used to provide nutritional benefits, and if your vet thinks that your hamster may be suffering from a deficiency of some kind, then it’s far better to re-balance the rest of their diet first.

Another variety of hamster that’s at high risk of developing diabetes is Campbell’s hamsters.

It’s usually safe to feed Roborovski or Syrian hamsters a small amount of fruit, as they have a smaller chance of becoming diabetic.

Most hamsters will enjoy the occasional treat of chopped pieces of strawberry, but remember to keep their portions small, and never feed your hamster fruit more than twice per week.

Check your hamster’s cage to make sure they haven’t stored any pieces of strawberry that could start rotting.