Discover The Abyssinian Cat

The Cat Is Called The Abyssinian Cat

These Felines Are Known For Their Outgoing Personalities

One Of The Oldest Cat Breeds With Its Roots In Ancient Egypt Is Believed To Be The Abyssinian

The Ears Are Pointed And The Nose Is Short

The Cat Is Mediumsized And Weighs Between 6 And 10 Pounds

Few Major Health Issues Are Known To Afflict The Abyssinians

Intelligence Is Important To Provide Them With Lots Of Mental Stimulation

Even Though They Are Cats They Love Playing Fetch Or Using Scratching Posts

If You Have Other Pets At Home You Should Expect Your Cat To Become Best Friends With Them Soon Too

They Have Received Many Awards Due To Their Unique Beauty And Good Nature

The Breed Is One Of The Most Sought After Cats In The World

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