Image Credit: Annalucia, ShutterstockThere are many birds that you could buy at pet shops and from local breeders near you.

The bird trade is bustling, with many owners buying different species from across the globe and acclimating them into their households.

However, you have to consider that these birds require special care to stay healthy, as they are tropical creatures that need specific environments and diets.

Because of their high levels of intelligence, larger parrots don’t do well being home alone for long periods.

S mall Birds – Tinier bird species like parakeets, parrotlets, finches, and canaries can be excellent pets.

Image Credit: guvo59, PixabayIf you’re not too keen on having a single pet bird cooped up in your house—we have another idea.

If you live on the land with some acreage, you might be able to keep a flock of chickens, ducks, peacocks, geese, or guineas.

Flock animals are generally easy to keep in feed, as they spend most of their time foraging for their own food.

While not everyone considers these birds to be traditional pets, they can make very entertaining barnyard friends.

To ensure the safety and recovery of the bird, you will need to contact a wildlife rehabilitation facility near you.

Even though it is tempting at times to keep a wild bird if you ever run into one, the reality is that most people are just not equipped to deal with the challenges that come along with it.

Not to mention wild birds can carry diseases, so always wash your hands after handling them.

Image Credit: Capri23auto, PixabayIn some states, you could obtain the proper licensure to own a variety of prey birds.

Although most of these birds are returned back into the wild after several years, the time you have them is advantageous and certainly a learning experience.

This method of bird own is a bit of a challenge, and it isn’t what you would consider a traditional pet situation.

Image Credit: Sergey Saulyak, Shuttterstock With any pet, there comes a series of downfalls.

It is important to highlight that most birds are very fragile and require lots of care and attention.

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