Ferrets can live with dogs, but there are rules you have to follow regarding a dog’s personality, breed, and age.

Also, if you own a dog with high prey instinct, no matter the breed, it is not a smart idea to combine it with a ferret.

So, if you introduce a young animal to the old one and you can see that the old one isn’t interested, stop with the introduction.

The young animal can cause stress to the older one simply by jumping around it or inviting it to play.

A younger, more hyper ferret may also irritate an older dog and cause it to lash out.

Image Credit: Nalaphotos, Shutterstock The most important thing you can do in a relationship between a ferret and a dog is to gradually introduce them.

Their first meeting should be on neutral grounds so that they don’t need to feel like they have to defend their territory.

Give them time to smell each other and if you see any sign of aggression, stop the introduction and try again later.

Image Credit: Milla Luca, ShutterstockThis is a step where both animals smell each other without a barrier between them.

If you see any sign of aggression or fear, abort and go back to Step 1.

If the dog is relaxed or playfully curious, still keep him under supervision, but simply observe.

Keep the tunnel or the box on the floor for the ferret, but you don’t have to intervene in any other way—unless things go very south.

Image Credit: cynoclub, Shutterstock If your dog and your ferret get along very well from the moment they’ve met, that is great.

If you own a big dog that loves ferrets, you have to keep them supervised because something as silly as a game of chase can be dangerous for a ferret.

A big dog can accidentally step, sit, or even lay on a ferret, which will result in an injury.

If that happens, no matter how long they coexisted peacefully before, you should keep them apart at all times after any big incident.

If you don’t have a spare room, then you should organize your home that way to keep your ferret safe at all times.

But accidents can happen, so no matter how good your ferret and dogs are at playing together, keep them under your supervision at all times.

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