German Shepherd Vs. Pitbull

German Shepherd Vs Pitbull

Choosing Which Dog To Adopt Is A Huge Decision

German Shepherds Are Large Dogs That Weigh Between 7595 Pounds And Stand 2226 Inches At The Withers

Weighing 3060 Pounds And Measuring 1721 Inches At The Withers Pitbulls Are A Small Animal

German Shepherds Have A Reputation For Their Faithfulness Intelligence And Guardianship But They Can Become Possessive Or Hostile Without Proper Socialization

A Great Option For Families With Small Children Is The Temperament Of Pitbulls

Training German Shepherds Can Help Keep Them Engaged

Pitbulls Can Require More Patience And Consistency Than Other Dogs

German Shepherds Have A Double Coat Which Requires Brushing At Least Twice A Week To Remove Excess Hair And Dirt

Their Singlecoated Fur Requires Frequent Brushing And Flossing To Keep It Clean And Shiny

No Matter What Breed You Choose Both Give Equal Amounts Of Love To Their Owners

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