Get To Know The German Rottweiler

The German Rottweiler Gets To Know

Rottweilers Are Large Sturdy Dogs With A Distinct Level Of Confidence And Loyalty To Their Human Companions When Reared Correctly

There Are Quick Facts About Canis Familiar Lupusis

They Are Larger Than American Rottweilers Due To Their Thicker Bones And Better Heads

German Rottweilers Are Adaptable To Many Different Climates And Environments But Prefer Cooler Temperatures

They Are A Breed Of Dog That Originated In The South Of Germany

These Dogs Are Omnivores And Their Food Chain Typically Consists Of Small Animals Plant Matter Andoccasional Grains

The Females Heat Cycle Lasts 21 Days

Lack Of Education Poor Breeding Practices Abandoning And Unethical Practices Are Some Of The Causes Of Endangerment