Meet The Affenpinscher

By Josie Maj 16Th 2023 Affenpinscher Affenpinscher Meet The

These Little Dogs Were Originally Bred In Germany During The 17Th Century

Affenpinscher Is German For Monkey Dog A Nod To Their Unique Appearance

The First Affenpinschers Were Much Larger Than They Are Today

The Affenpinscher Has A Thick Coat Which Gives It A Rugged Appearance

They Have Round Eyes That Are Set Far Apart On Their Head

Affenpinschers Can Be Independent And Headstrong Sometimes

If They Are Not Socialized The Affenpinscher Could Become Anxious Or Aggressive

Affenpinschers Are Generally Goodnatured And Enjoy Playing With Children

Dental Hygiene Is Important For Affenpinschers As They Are Prone To Dental Problems

Do You Think Youd Be A Good Match For An Affenpinscher