Most Expansive Coral Reef Ecosystem

The Coral Reef Is Expansive

Coral Reefs Are Home To A Variety Of Marine Life From Small Fish To Large Sharks And Sea Turtles

Coral Reefs Provide A Wealth Of Economic And Cultural Benefits

The Great Barrier Reef Is The Largest And Most Expansive Coral System In The World

It Is Located Off The Coast Of Australia

It Is Home To Hundreds Of Fish Species As Well As An Assortment Of Other Marine Species

These Underwater Habitats Are Made Up Of A Variety Of Organisms

They Are Similar To Jellyfish And Sea Anemones

The Structure Of The Coral Reef Is Provided By A Hard Limestone Skeleton

Polyps Build Their Skeletons On Top Of Each Other In A Complex And Diverse Environment

Coral Reefs Are The Best In The World

Coral Reefs Have Cultural And Spiritual Importance For Many Indigenous Communities