Retro Pugs: An Iconic Dog

The Retro Pug Was Born On April 11Th 2023

The Retro Pug Is A Specific Breed Of Pug

The Origin Of Retro Pugs Is Believed To Be A Combination Of Classic Pugs And Other Breeds

The Retro Pugs Reach A Height Of 10 To 13 Inches At The Withers

Retro Pugs Come In A Variety Of Colors

Theyre A Good Choice For Anyone With Allergies Or Who Doesnt Want To Deal With Excessive Shedding

They Are Known For Being Great With Kids And Other Pets

Pugs Are Less Prone To Respiratory Issues Than Frenchie Frenchies

Training Tips For Retro Pugs

Lady Gaga Has A Pugs Name That Is Asia

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