Texas Heeler: A Dynamic Crossbreed

A Dynamic Crossbreed Texas Heeler

Are You Ready To Meet A Dog Breed Named After The State Of Texas

The Texas Heeler Is A Mix Between The Australian Shepherd And The Australian Cattle Dog

The Australian Cattle Dog Was Originally Bred To Help Farmers Herd Cattle

Basque Shepherds Who Migrated From Europe To Work In The American West Brought This Breed To The United States

The Texas Heeler Can Herd Cattle And Work Long Hours

It Weighs Between 30 To 50 Pounds And Is 18 To 22 Inches At The Shoulder

Texas Heelers Are Often Described As Velcro Dogs As They Love To Be Close To Their Owners At All Times

They Can Become Restless Anxious And Destructive If They Dont Get Enough Exercise

Their Grooming Needs Are Low