The World'S Heaviest Reptile: The Leatherback Turtle

The Leatherback Turtle Is Theaviest Reptile In The World

The Leather Back Turtle Is The Largest Reptile In The World But Can Navigate Through The Oceans Depths

These Creatures Are So Large That They Measure Up To Seven Feet Long

They Can Dive To Depths Of Over 4200 Feet

The Leatherback Sea Turtles Shell Is Different From Other Turtle Species

They Can Swim At Breakneck Speeds Due To Their Streamlined Body Shape

Leatherbacks Feed On Jellyfish Which Can Be Found In Abundance Throughout Their Native Habitats

They Are Able To Capture And Kill Their Enemies Thanks To Their Powerful Jaws And Teeth

They Have An Appetite For Jellyfish That Is Comparable To Their Own Body Weight

Habitat Can Be Found Across The Atlantic Pacific And Indian Oceans

Leatherbacks Travel Thousands Of Miles Between Their Homes And Foraging Grounds

They Face A Lot Of Threats Including Accidental Capture In Fishing Gear