Tonkinese Cats

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Are You Looking For An Exotic Cat Breed To Adopt

The Tonkinese Cat Is A Unique Breed Of Cat

The Breed Is Believed To Have Been Created Through Crossbreeding

The Tonkinese Cat Has Been Around For Fifty Years

A Tonkinese Cat Is Perfect For Those Looking For A Loving Companion

Tonkinese Cats Have Mediumlong Fur That Falls In Waves And Striking Blue Eyes

They Usually Weigh Between 6 And 12 Pounds

There Are Four Different Coat Colors

They Like To Play Games Around The House

The Tonkinese Cat Is Relatively Low Maintenance Compared To Other Breeds Since They Do Not Require Much Exercise

Look For A Food That Provides Quality Animal Sources Like Chicken Fish Or Lamb As Their Primary Ingredients Along With Added Vitamins And Minerals To Support Overall Health