Toyger Cats

The Toyger Cats Are Learning

Imagine A Tiger In Your Living Room

The Vision Of Judy Sugden Was To Create A Domesticated Feline That Would Mirror The Beauty Of The Tiger

The Toyger Has A Muscular Athletic Frame And A Luxurious Coat

The Coat Pattern Of The Toygers Fur Is Similar To That Of The Tigers

Their Size Is Similar To Many Typical House Cats With Males And Females Ranging In Weight From 1216 Pounds

The Toyger Is A Stocky Muscular Build And Has A Glamorous Glitter Effect

The Breed Has Strong Bonds With Its Owners And Family Members

Highly Intelligent And Curious Creatures Are Contributing To Their Love For Interactive Play

Their Gentleness And Patience Make Them Suitable Companions For Children

Cats Are Known To Greet Guests At The Door

The Toyger Is A Remarkable Breed Of Domestic Cat That Has A Striking Resemblance To A Tiger