These intelligent and curious birds enjoy being offered a variety of foods because it allows them to explore new textures and flavors.

Your cockatiel might enjoy the challenge of snacking on a whole apple, but it’s best to feed slices or pieces so you can maintain appropriate intake.

If you offer an unpeeled banana, it’s important to thoroughly wash the peel to remove any pesticides or other chemicals that may be dangerous for your bird.

Grapes can be a fun food for your cockatiel to enjoy, thanks to their manageable size, round shape, and pleasant texture.

Feed pineapple in moderation since the sugar and acid content in this fruit can lead to stomach upset if fed in large quantities.

Blueberries are a fun treat that tend to be available at most parts of the year in grocery stores, which means you should almost always be able to have some on hand.

Mangoes are a sweet tropical fruit that you may have difficulty finding in some grocery stores, but they can make a nice treat when you do find them.

Broccoli is a great source of fiber and is higher in protein than many other veggies, making it a solid food choice for your cockatiel.

They are a root vegetable, which means they are below the ground before being harvested, so cleaning them well is necessary to remove any remaining dirt and dangerous chemicals.

Consider baking, boiling, or steaming sweet potato pieces before feeding them to your cockatiel, but avoid overcooking them since this can remove nutrients.

It is important to wash it thoroughly before feeding, though, as lettuces have a large surface area for collecting pesticides and other dangerous chemicals.

Sweet, red strawberries add a burst of flavor and vitamin C to your cockatiel's menu. on.

Cool and refreshing, cucumbers are a hydrating choice that your cockatiel will relish.

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