Why The Giant Tortoise Is The World'S Longest Living Species Of Turtle

The Longest Living Turtle Species Is The Giant Turtle

Turtles Are Known For Their Long Life Spans

The Species Of Turtle That Has The Longest Life Span Is The Giant Tortoise

Turtles Can Grow Up To 5 Feet Long And Have An Average Weight Of 500 Pounds

The Species Of Turtle Is Native To The Galapagos Islands

Turtles Can Survive For Several Months Without Water Because Of Their Diet

Female Giant Tortoises Only Lay A Few Eggs A Year

The Giant Tortoise Has An Incredibly Long Life Span With Some Individuals Estimated To Live Over 200 Years

They Are The Longest Living Species Of Turtle Because Of Their Slow Metabolism

Tortoises Can Go Into A State Of Hibernation For Months Or Even Years

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