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Affiliate Disclaimer & Review Policy


Affiliate Disclaimer:

PetEarnest.com participates in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com.

We may earn a commission for purchases made through our links at no extra cost to you. This helps us to keep the website running and provide valuable content for our readers.

We only promote products that we believe will be of value to our readers. We take the time to research and review products before recommending them to our readers. We will always give our honest opinion on the products we promote.

We do not promote products we do not believe in or have not personally tested. We will never promote a product just for the sake of earning a commission. Our primary goal is to provide our readers with valuable information and resources

Our Objective:
We want to make the most fundamental substance about pet care items and embellishments accessible today. We likewise plan to make really focusing on your pet really simple.

Our Processes:
Posting informational articles about how to pick and in the long run utilize your next buy is one way we might achieve this point.

We need to be straightforward about how we make these pages and articles in light of the fact that a sizable level of our site is comprised of item assessments and correlations.

Our Product Review Guidelines

Each individual from our staff has a broad aptitude really focusing on pets going from canines and felines to reptiles and rodents. We can talk cleverly with respect to pets since we’ve gone through various hours really focusing on the pets in our lives, both by personally and expertly.

We can talk definitively about the quality, reason, and generally speaking, the worth of these things and points since we know pretty much everything there is to know about them. We know about new things as they are acquainted with the market. We perceive an extraordinary item when we see it since we stay aware of the most up-to-date progresses in the specialty. We likewise know who the failures are.

“Compose what you know,” as the familiar saying goes, and we know pets.

We accept our obligations as a definitive voice truly. Thus, we’ll proclaim something is great when it is. When something is terrible, we will likewise proclaim that it is awful. We are not bound to any one brand or maker. They have the chance to either wow our group or not!

There are a large number of opponent sites on the web that make trust-commendable cases. We need to show why we are the most solid site as opposed to simply making empty commitments.

An Outline of the Review Cycle:

Nothing makes us more joyful than testing new items. We’re a gathering of creature “fans,” so when we get our hands on another toy, we’re out and out excited. We attempt to test however many things on our own creatures as we can, yet can we just be real — we can’t test everything. Our work to do extra face-to-face testing is progressing.

Ask for opinions:

We counsel different clients and glance through purchaser assessments on famous retail sites like Amazon and Chewy when we don’t have direct information about an item. These assessments give us significant data about benefits and burdens that our staff hasn’t straightforwardly experienced. We’re not happy with the things we survey until we completely appreciate them.

Consult professionals:

These days, the word “expert” is bandied about carelessly, so we like to save it for special circumstances. Even though our team has extensive knowledge of pets, not everyone is regarded as a “expert” in the field, so we want to make sure you’re getting the appropriate information. Dr. Chandrika Choudhary, I am an veterinarian . Expert counsel is consistently the finest advise.

Amazon Associates Program: 

https://PetEarnest.com is a member of the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising scheme created to give websites a way to monetize their content by placing advertisements and links to Amazon.com.

Amazon.com, Inc. or one of its affiliates owns the trademarks for Amazon and the Amazon logo.

Limitation of Liability:

PetEarnest’s material is only given for informative purposes.The data accessible through PetEarnest is given exclusively to enlightening motivations on a “with no guarantees” premise at the client’s sole risk. PetEarnest makes no certifications with regard to the precision, quality, or fulfillment of the data, and PetEarnest will not be dependable or obligated for any mistakes, exclusions, or errors in the data or for any client’s dependence on the data. The client is exclusively liable for checking the data as being fitting for the client’s very own utilization.

YOUR Utilization OF THE PetEarnest is In spite of the obvious danger ahead. Not one or the other, PetEarnest NOR ANY OF ITS Auxiliaries, DIVISIONS, Subsidiaries, Specialists, Delegates, OR LICENSORS (Counting OUR Self-employed entity Patrons) Will BE At risk TO YOU OR Any other individual FOR ANY Misfortune OR INJURY OR ANY Immediate, Roundabout, Coincidental, Considerable, Exceptional, Corrective OR Comparative Harms Emerging OUT OF YOUR Entrance OR Utilization OF, OR YOUR Powerlessness TO ACCESS OR Utilize, THE PetEarnest AND THE Data Accessible ON THE PetEarnest OR Emerging OUT OF ANY Move Made In light of OR Because OF ANY Data Accessible ON THE PetEarnest. YOU Thus Defer All possible Cases AGAINST PetEarnest AND ITS Auxiliaries, DIVISIONS, Subsidiaries, Specialists, Agents, AND LICENSORS (Counting OUR Self-employed entity Supporters) Emerging OUT OF YOUR Utilization OF THE PetEarnest AND THE Data Accessible Consequently.

Dr. Chandrika

About Me

I am a veterinary doctor who is passionate about providing top-quality care for pets and their families. My mission is to share my knowledge and expertise with pet owners through my blog, petearnest.com.


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