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500 frequent guillemots discovered lifeless in France

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Round 500 seabirds known as frequent guillemots have been discovered on the Atlantic shores in France, conservation group Sea Shepherd stated.

For the reason that begin of the 12 months, Sea Shepherd volunteers have been discovering the seabirds on the seashores within the west of France close to La Rochelle.

“We patrol seashores on daily basis of the week, and we discover guillemots almost on daily basis. It will depend on the climate circumstances,” Antoine Prevel, a volunteer for Sea Shepherd France, stated.

The birds additionally get caught in fishing nets, Prevel stated. “We’ve already seen these birds being captured in fishing nets. We’ve filmed that in our sea patrols, so we all know that birds are getting tangled in fishing nets and drowning from it.”

Local weather change

Scientists are attempting to know the explanations behind the deaths. “We clearly see this fowl is emaciated. This fowl didn’t have sufficient power and died of exhaustion,” Jerome Fort, head of analysis on the CNRS Nationwide Analysis Institute, stated whereas inspecting a typical guillemot.

Fort stated the birds probably died from exhaustion on account of tough sea circumstances brought on by storms and onerous winds. “Guillemot birds are a species that won’t survive in the event that they don’t feed for 2 or three days. They haven’t any power reserves, so they should feed nearly always.”

“So when there’s a storm with robust winds, akin to not too long ago, these birds will discover it onerous to feed correctly, have to make use of extra power, and die of exhaustion,” he defined.

“We all know that with local weather change, we see a rise within the frequency and depth of storms, notably winter storms. And we all know that winter storms are largely the rationale for large strandings of seabirds,” Fort stated.

He added that microplastics and chemical contamination might additionally kill seabirds. One other issue could possibly be that the fish frequent guillemots prey on have turn out to be uncommon and have relocated nearer to the shores on account of local weather change and overfishing.

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