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Advocates Rally Against Aerial Wolf Hunting in Idaho’s National Forests

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In a significant move to protect the wildlife inhabiting Idaho’s national forests, several wildlife conservation groups have recently petitioned the U.S. Forest Service to halt the controversial practice of aerial gunning of wolves. This petition comes in response to the approval of proposals by the Idaho Wolf Depredation Control Board, allowing private contractors to shoot wolves from helicopters across vast areas in central and southeastern Idaho.

The Barbaric Aerial Gunning:

The approved proposals, including three from Trevor Walch of Predator Control Corp, have ignited a firestorm of criticism. Critics argue that shooting wolves from helicopters is not only barbaric but also lacks scientific justification. Andrea Zaccardi, carnivore conservation legal director at the Center for Biological Diversity, emphatically stated, “Killing wolves from helicopters is barbaric and scientifically unjustifiable, and we can’t let it happen in our national forests.”

Controversial Contractor History:

The controversy deepens as it is revealed that Trevor Walch, a key contributor to the approved proposals, has a history of violating state wildlife protection laws in Nevada. Public records indicate instances of leaving animals suffering in unattended traps for an alarming duration of up to 13 days. Suzanne Asha Stone, the co-founder of the Wood River Wolf Project, revealed that some ranchers claimed by Walch to be in agreement with the Idaho Wolf Depredation Control Board have denied any association.

Questionable Board Authorization:

Critics question the rationale behind the Idaho Wolf Depredation Control Board’s authorization, emphasizing that many of the areas where wolf killings are permitted have not experienced recent conflicts with livestock, elk, or deer populations. Talasi Brooks of Western Watersheds Project condemned the effort as “essentially illegal sport hunting from aircraft,” highlighting the lack of necessity for such actions in areas with no recent predation issues.

The Unjustified Bloodlust:

The controversy is further fueled by concerns that the board’s decision reflects a misguided anti-science bloodlust for wolves. Leslie Williams and Samantha Attwood, founding members of The #RelistWolves Campaign, express their dismay at the state’s choice of a contractor with a history of trapping violations and inhumane practices. They urge the U.S. Forest Service to take immediate action to prohibit what they deem a “barbaric method of harassing and slaughtering wolves.”

Legal Petition for Immediate Action:

In response to these concerns, wildlife conservation groups have filed a legal petition urging the U.S. Forest Service to immediately ban the shooting of wildlife from aircraft in Idaho’s national forests. The petition emphasizes the need to protect public safety, recreational activities, and imperilled animals within federally managed lands.

Potential Legal Action:

Should the U.S. Forest Service fail to promptly address the concerns raised in the petition, the wildlife conservation groups are prepared to consider legal action in federal court. This underscores the gravity of the situation and the determination of these groups to ensure the welfare and protection of Idaho’s wolf population.

The Urgent Call to Action:

In light of these developments, there is an urgent call to action for concerned citizens to engage with their representatives. Pressure needs to be exerted on Secretary of the Interior Deb Haaland and President Biden to #RelistWolves. This collective effort aims to draw attention to the critical need for revisiting the status of wolves in Idaho and reassessing the methods employed for wildlife management.


The legal petition seeking a ban on shooting wolves from helicopters in Idaho’s national forests marks a crucial step in addressing the controversial and widely condemned practice. As the petition awaits consideration, the fate of Idaho’s wolf population hangs in the balance. It is a test not only of the U.S. Forest Service’s commitment to wildlife conservation but also of the broader public’s stance on ethical and scientifically justifiable wildlife management practices. The outcome of this battle will undoubtedly have lasting implications for the delicate balance between human activities and the preservation of our natural ecosystems.

Please take action by asking your representatives to put pressure on Secretary of the Interior Deb Haaland and President Biden to #RelistWolves, HERE!

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