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Brazil jail makes use of geese to protect prisoners (VIDEO)

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A goose named Piu-Piu walks close to safety brokers, Santa Catarina State, Brazil, credit score: Reuters/Anderson Coelho

A jail in Brazil is utilizing geese to stop prisoners from escaping. The birds, dubbed “geese brokers,” patrol an inexperienced area between the jail’s inside fence and major outer wall.

Employees say the alertness of the geese makes them wonderful guard animals, much more so than canines. Goose Piu-Piu heads the small flock, and main fellow geese to supervise the premises. When officers name his title, he responds.

Jail director Marcos Roberto de Souza stated caring for the flock of geese is more inexpensive than elevating canines and that the quiet location of the jail makes it the choice for his facility.

“(Now we have) digital surveillance, bodily surveillance, (surveillance) via the felony police on the wall and the guards, and eventually, the surveillance of the geese on this case, which changed the canine,” De Souza stated.

“In terms of Sao Pedro de Alcantara, I feel the placement itself is (simple to observe) because the evening could be very quiet. Even in the course of the day, as you’ll be able to see, it’s a very silent place. And, at the evening, much more so. I additionally assume that the logistics of the unit and the way in which it was constructed, as you’ll be able to see, favour this kind of safety with a flock of geese,” he added.

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