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Colombia may kill Pablo Escobar’s African hippos 

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Colombia may kill a few of the 169 African hippos originating from a herd owned by drug lord Pablo Escobar within the Eighties. The nation has been looking for methods to cease the animals from reproducing.

In 1981, Escobar introduced three feminine hippos and one male to Colombia. The animals had been saved at his personal zoo at his luxurious property Haciendo Napoles in Antioquia. After his demise, the federal government inherited his territory.

The hippos had been left on the property as a result of they had been tough to maneuver. The federal government thought the hippos would die, however they began reproducing. 4 hippos created a inhabitants of now 169 hippos.

Colombia’s atmosphere minister, Susana Muhamad, not too long ago introduced a plan to regulate the inhabitants.

The primary part of the so-called Hippopotamus Administration and Management Plan in Colombia consists of surgical sterilization of those animals, as said within the official statement from the Ministry. In the mean time, there shall be 20 that may endure the intervention. The aim is about at 40 animals a 12 months.

One other of the measures detailed within the plan is relocation. Final March, a plan was launched to take dozens of hippos to different international locations, together with Mexico and India.

And as a final resort, the Ministry is growing a protocol to kill some hippos. Hippos had been declared an invasive species within the nation final 12 months, making killing them a risk.

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