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Firm secures €40 million to struggle killing child male chickens

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A Dutch firm has secured €40 million from the European Funding Financial institution to cease the killing of child male chickens. Yearly, billions of child male chickens are killed as a result of they’re ineffective to the egg business. Solely feminine chicks are helpful for egg laying.


The male chicks are killed once they’re solely a day previous. The newborns are gassed with carbon dioxide or shredded.

Hen eggs normally take about three weeks to hatch. The Dutch firm In Ovo has developed a system for screening and eradicating male eggs 9 days after incubation begins.

“In Ovo’s expertise means an enchancment within the discipline of animal welfare,” Kris Peeters, vice-president on the European Funding Financial institution, stated.

Wouter Bruins, the founding father of In Ovo, stated the corporate plans to increase internationally with the funding. “By implementing this expertise, hatcheries can completely hatch feminine chicks. This makes culling day-old male chicks pointless,” In Ovo stated in a statement.

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