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Hamsters in History and Culture: Their Role as Beloved Pets

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Hamsters, those small and furry creatures, have made their way into our hearts as beloved pets. These charming rodents have not only become cherished companions but have also left their mark on history and culture. In this exploration of hamsters in history and culture, we’ll delve into their fascinating journey from the wild to our homes.

The Origin of Hamsters

Before they became household pets, hamsters were wild animals native to regions of Eurasia and the Middle East. The name “hamster” is believed to have derived from the German word “hamstern,” which means “to hoard.” This name is fitting because hamsters are known for their habit of storing food in their cheek pouches.

Hamsters were first scientifically described in the late 18th century by European naturalists. The hamsters we commonly keep as pets today belong to the genus Mesocricetus. The Syrian hamster (Mesocricetus auratus) is one of the most popular pet hamster species, known for its gentle nature and manageable size.

Hamsters as Pets: The Beginning

The transition from wild rodents to domesticated pets began in the 1930s when zoologists captured Syrian hamsters in the Middle East for scientific study. These hamsters, often referred to as “golden hamsters” due to their coat color, were bred in captivity, leading to the establishment of domesticated hamster populations.

Richard Alderton and the Hamster Craze

The true rise of hamsters as pets can be attributed to a British man named Richard Alderton. In the late 1930s, Alderton captured a female golden hamster in Syria and brought her back to the United Kingdom. This hamster, named Mrs. Frisby, became the progenitor of a new generation of pet hamsters.

Alderton’s hamster breeding efforts gained widespread attention and sparked a hamster craze in the UK. The popularity of these small, manageable, and endearing rodents quickly spread to other parts of the world.

Hamsters in Pop Culture

Hamsters have not only become popular pets but have also made appearances in various forms of popular culture. Here are some notable examples:

1. Books:

  • In the children’s book “The Amazing Maurice and His Educated Rodents” by Terry Pratchett, there is a character named Dangerous Beans, a small and brave hamster who is part of a group of intelligent rodents.

2. Commercials:

  • Hamsters have been featured in numerous advertising campaigns, often depicted as playful and entertaining creatures. They have become mascots for various products, from snacks to automobiles.

3. Internet Sensation:

  • Hamster videos and memes have gained popularity on the internet, with hamsters showcasing their agility, cuteness, and sometimes humorous antics. These videos have garnered millions of views and created a fan following of their own.

4. Cartoons:

  • Animated series and cartoons have introduced hamster characters, further cementing their status in pop culture. One example is “Hamtaro,” a Japanese anime series featuring a group of adventurous hamsters.

Hamsters in Art

Hamsters have inspired artists to create endearing and whimsical works of art. Whether in paintings, illustrations, or sculptures, hamsters often serve as charming subjects. These artistic creations celebrate the delightful and playful nature of these rodents.

Hamster Care and Research

Hamsters have not only been cherished as pets but have also contributed to scientific research. Scientists have studied hamsters to gain insights into various aspects of biology, behavior, and physiology. Their unique traits, such as the ability to go into hibernation, have made them valuable subjects for research.


Hamsters have come a long way from their origins in the wild to becoming cherished pets and cultural icons. Their journey is a testament to the enduring appeal of these small rodents, known for their gentle nature, entertaining behaviors, and endearing presence. Whether as pets, stars of internet videos, or characters in literature and art, hamsters have carved out a special place in our hearts and culture, enriching our lives with their furry companionship and charm.

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