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Loggerhead sea turtle rescued from fishing nets in Argentina

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A loggerhead sea turtle was rescued from fishing nets in Argentina. After rehabilitation for 2 weeks, the Mundo Marino Basis launched the animal again to the ocean on Wednesday on the seashores of San Clemente.


Native fishermen discovered the turtle whereas checking their nets within the waters of Samborombón Bay on October 28. The animal had little motion in his fins, and his eyes had been closed. Veterinarians checked his blood, took an x-ray and gave him fluid remedy and antibiotics.

Loggerhead sea turtle adults usually weigh round 135 to 160 kilograms. They dwell in oceans world wide, primarily in tropical areas. The animals migrate lengthy distances between the world the place they eat and the seashores the place they lay their eggs.

Feminine loggerhead turtles return to the seashores the place they had been born to put eggs, a conduct often called natal homing. Within the sand, they dig nests and lay clutches of eggs, normally at evening. The hatchlings are born after about two months and make their option to the ocean.

The Worldwide Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) lists the loggerhead turtle as a susceptible species. Their survival is threatened by habitat loss, air pollution, entanglement in fishing nets, and local weather change.

The animals can dwell as much as 50 years or extra. Nevertheless, due to the various challenges they face from when they’re eggs till they attain maturity, solely a small fraction survive to maturity.

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