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Mass killing of two million chickens at US farm after fowl flu outbreak

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Cal-Maine Meals, the biggest egg producer in america, is ready to kill 2 million chickens at certainly one of its Texas services after detecting fowl flu.

The corporate introduced plans to kill roughly 1.6 million grownup hens and 337,000 younger feminine chickens after confirming the presence of the extremely pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) virus.

The power has almost 54 million chickens, that are saved to supply eggs for human consumption.

This fowl flu outbreak is a part of an growing variety of HPAI instances nationwide, with current stories of the virus spreading to cows. A dairy employee in Texas contracted the virus. Agricultural and well being officers are carefully monitoring the outbreak. 

The scenario at Cal-Maine’s hen facility reveals vulnerabilities in US meals manufacturing techniques and the challenges of controlling animal illnesses in agriculture. The dense housing of animals in such environments complicates efforts to forestall viral transmission.

Killing chickens after fowl flu

Presently, the first response to fowl flu detection in farms is to kill all animals across the affected animal. After they’re killed, the animals are both burnt or buried.

Cal-Maine has not disclosed the strategy it’s going to use to kill the chickens.

In 2022, the animal rights group Direct Motion In every single place (DxE) revealed footage displaying the mass culling of chickens at Rembrandt Enterprises in Iowa following a fowl flu outbreak. 

Over 5 million chickens had been killed in two days utilizing air flow shutdown plus (VSD+). The animals are suffocated by sealing the air flow of their enclosures.

Footage confirmed some chickens surviving the suffocation, left in cages, severely distressed and struggling. These survivors had been neither euthanized humanely nor offered care, finally dying from hunger or being buried alive.

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