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Protest in opposition to circus animal exploitation in Rome

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Pink paint on the Fountain of Lions generally known as “Fontana dei Leoni” in Piazza del Popolo, Rome, credit score: Reuters/Remo Casilli

Animal rights activists sprayed paint on a fountain in Rome’s Piazza del Popolo on Thursday to protest circus animal exploitation.

The 2 activists, a person and a lady, threw yellow, crimson, and orange paint over the Fontana dei Leoni (Fountain of Lions).

A number of months in the past, a lion escaped from the Rony Curler circus close to Rome, inflicting panic within the seaside city of Ladispoli earlier than being caught.

After seven hours, the lion was sedated in a rural space with the assistance of infrared sensors. This incident led to renewed calls from animal rights activists for a ban on utilizing wild animals in circuses. 

Circus animals in Italy

In July 2022, a law was authorized in Italy that banned using animals in circuses and different touring reveals. Nonetheless, the legislation nonetheless must be applied.

The decision for a ban on circus animals in Italy is a part of a rising world motion in opposition to utilizing animals for leisure functions, particularly in touring reveals and circuses. 

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