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Sea turtle safety camp in Mexico destroyed by hurricane Otis 

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A sea turtle safety camp, the place turtles come to put their eggs, in Acapulco in Mexico was destroyed by Hurricane Otis. The Campamento Tortuguero Playa Hermosa Amigos del Mar Acapulco has been working for the reason that Eighties on Acapulco seaside to guard turtles.


“Right here we’re visited by the olive ridley turtle in the course of the moist season, the black turtle and the leatherback turtle, which is the one we’re about to get this season when the colder waters start,” mentioned Monica Vallerino. She runs the ocean turtle safety camp together with her household.

“We have been anticipating a storm however not of this magnitude,” Vallerino mentioned. She added that the nesting space of the olive ridley turtle, the black turtle and the leatherback turtle have been destroyed.

Hurricane Otis was a devastating tropical cyclone that hit close to Acapulco on the finish of October.

“Right here is a vital nesting space for sea turtles, so now we have to proceed defending their nesting space in order that they proceed to return and lay their eggs on these seashores as a result of they’re particular seashores,” Vellerino added.

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