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Ship carrying 19,000 cows in cramped areas arrives in Iraq

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Cow lined in filth, cramped collectively, Umm Qasr port, Basra, Iraq March 6, 2024, credit score: Reuters/Essam al-Sudani

A ship carrying 19,000 cows in cramped areas arrived from Brazil in Iraq on Wednesday. The animals have been at sea for 41 days. Video footage confirmed the animals lined in filth.

The stay animal service, Al Kuwait, stopped in South Africa two weeks in the past, the place an inspection revealed three deceased cows. Extra animals needed to be euthanized, and plenty of have been discovered lined in feces.

In April 2023, a Brazilian court banned the export of stay animals, but the trade has continued to grow within the nation.

Turkey and Iraq are the most important importers of stay animals from Brazil, with Oman not too long ago added to the record of nations to which Brazil transports stay animals.

Reside Animal Commerce

Animal welfare organizations have lengthy advocated for the tip of abroad stay animal commerce. Monitoring their welfare throughout these voyages is sort of unimaginable.

The struggling of animals on these ships is profound. Confined in overcrowded situations with out sufficient area, the animals endure stress, warmth, and the trauma of tough seas. 

Lack of correct veterinary care and the shortcoming to precise pure behaviors exacerbate their misery, resulting in sickness, harm, and loss of life throughout transit.

In 2023, New Zealand banned live animal exports because of issues over animal welfare. The federal government acknowledged that it was unimaginable to uphold the nation’s animal welfare requirements throughout sea transit or upon arrival on the vacation spot.

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