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Remedy pony Dietrich brings sufferers aid

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A affected person strokes pony Dietrich at a palliative care centre in Moscow, Russia, credit score: Reuters/Evgenia Novozhenina

Anastasia Kozyr and her pony Dietrich have been visiting hospices round Moscow for over a yr, bringing some aid to sufferers who’re in palliative care.

“I’ve been on the lookout for a few years on social media at homeowners of miniature horses and ponies in Europe and the US. It’s quite common there, they go to hospices and nursing houses, hospitals,” Kozyr instructed information company Reuters.

“I’ve all the time needed to do the identical, however I didn’t know what to start out with, who to show to. I believed right here in Moscow (Russia) it’s unrealistic to do,” she stated.

By a pal, she acquired in contact with the Tsaritsino hospice, which was completely satisfied to have her and her pony come to go to. Since November final yr, they’ve been visiting hospices in Moscow.

Dietrich is a 23-year-old pony who just isn’t shy and could be very playful. “Dietrich is simply fantastic. I wish to share him with everyone. I believed that folks in hospices didn’t have a possibility to go to a steady or have contact with animals. I believe they lack this animal companionship and heat,” Kozyr stated.

Medical workers and hospice professionals in Moscow agree with Kozyr. A lot of their sufferers miss with the ability to pet an animal, so Dietrich’s visits are a joyful and optimistic distraction for some long-term sufferers.

“I get pleasure from with the ability to give folks this chance to the touch a fantastic, furry, smooth and sort animal,” Kozyr stated.

Animals have been used to assist folks with completely different well being points in lots of components of the world. They’ve a variety of advantages for people, comparable to releasing endorphins and lowering loneliness. Canines are sometimes seen in hospitals and care houses, primarily to assist relieve stress and elevate spirits.

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