Home News Wildfires in Bolivian Amazon killing animals (VIDEO)

Wildfires in Bolivian Amazon killing animals (VIDEO)

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Animal died from wildfires in Bolivian Amazon, credit score: nonetheless video Reuters

Wildfires within the Bolivian Amazon have reached nature reserves and killed dozens of animals, native governments confirmed. Deer, tapirs, rodents, birds and different animals died from carbon monoxide intoxication, in accordance with the reviews.

Setting activists gathered on Friday in La Pazl to demand measures to deal with fires raging within the nation which are destroying forests and animals.

“Our mom earth is dying. Our vegetation, fauna, and flora are disappearing. There are millions of animals. The firefighters who’re there nonetheless can not put out the fireplace. We wish a nationwide emergency to be declared as a result of we wish our land to be protected,” one of many activists, Nataly Zamora,” stated.

Within the village of Bibosi, northwest Bolivia, volunteers and firefighters are battling the flames with water hoses and buckets. The drought of the previous few months has diminished river water provides, making firefighting tougher.

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