Home News Groundbreaking Achievement: Canada Bans Elephant Ivory And Rhino Horn Trade – A Momentous Victory for Wildlife Conservation!

Groundbreaking Achievement: Canada Bans Elephant Ivory And Rhino Horn Trade – A Momentous Victory for Wildlife Conservation!

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In a momentous victory for wildlife conservation, the Canadian government has recently declared a groundbreaking ban on the domestic trade of elephant ivory and rhino horn, along with the import of hunting trophies containing these parts. The historic decision of “Canada Bans Elephant Ivory And Rhino Horn Trade” is a crucial step towards safeguarding these iconic species from the looming threat of extinction in the wild.

This significant move, which fulfills a 2021 Ministerial mandate, is the culmination of a seven-year campaign led by Humane Society International/Canada. The ban enjoys widespread support from leading conservationists, animal protection groups, African nations, and notable Canadians alike.

The pressing need for such measures arises from the alarming decline in the African elephant population, which has plummeted by 96% over the last century. Scientists warn that without global intervention to disincentivize poachers, both elephants and various rhinoceros species could face extinction within the next few decades.

The grim reality of poaching is starkly evident in the staggering numbers – as many as 25,000 elephants and 1,300 rhinos fall victim to poachers in Africa every year. The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) declared the African forest elephant as Critically Endangered and the African savanna elephant as Endangered in its March 2021 Red List update. Black rhinos, found in Africa, are classified as Critically Endangered.

With Canada’s ban on the domestic trade of elephant ivory and rhino horn, the country is actively contributing to the global fight against the $20 billion illegal wildlife trade. This illicit trade not only pushes iconic animals to the brink of extinction but also fuels global instability.

Steven Guilbeault, the minister of Environment and Climate Change Canada, emphasized the government’s commitment to protecting biodiversity and reversing the decline in elephant and rhinoceros populations. The strengthened response to wildlife trafficking aims to enforce practical solutions, effectively addressing the illegal ivory trade and supporting species conservation.

Humane Society International/Canada’s campaign manager, Kelly Butler, applauds Canada’s leadership, stating that the ban reflects the will of Canadians and the majority of African nations. This decision brings assurance that Canada is playing a vital role in ensuring a future for these majestic animals.

Dr. Winnie Kiiru, a Kenyan biologist and leading elephant conservationist, stresses the urgency for global action to protect elephants and rhinos. Canada’s ban sends a powerful message that ivory belongs to elephants, setting an important precedent for other countries.

Renowned musician Bryan Adams, an Order of Canada recipient and long-time animal advocate, expresses his thrill at Canada’s response to the overwhelming demand from Canadians to end the senseless killing of elephants and rhinos. He believes that Canada’s policies set a powerful example for countries worldwide to join the fight for the protection of these magnificent creatures.

In conclusion, Canada Bans Elephant Ivory And Rhino Horn Trade is a monumental achievement for wildlife conservation. It not only reflects the country’s commitment to protecting biodiversity but also sends a resounding message globally. As the nation takes a stand against the illegal wildlife trade, it sets the stage for other countries to follow suit and collectively work towards securing a future for elephants, rhinos, and other endangered species.

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