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Cruelty Unveiled: EU Fur Farms Exposed in Largest-Ever Investigation – Urgent Plea for Ban Amid Horrific Conditions

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In a bone-chilling exposé titled “This is Fur Farming in the EU,” the largest-ever undercover investigation on European fur farms has uncovered the grim truth of factory farming for fur across six EU nations. The harrowing findings, captured during over 100 farm visits, expose the horrific conditions in which mink, foxes, and raccoon dogs are subjected.

Overview: The Gruesome Reality

This comprehensive investigation, coordinated by Kristo Muurimaa of Finnish animal rights group Oikeutta eläimille, comes at a critical time as the European Commission contemplates its response to a 1.5 million signature petition urging an EU-wide ban on fur farming. Despite bans in twenty European countries, including 15 Member States, an estimated 10 million fur-bearing animals are still bred for fashion annually across Europe.

Documented Animal Welfare Concerns: Unveiling the Horror

The investigation spanned Finland, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Spain, and Denmark, revealing a consistent pattern of animal suffering and welfare violations. The shocking findings include rampant cannibalism among mink, injured and deceased animals sharing cages, visible bloody injuries, serious eye infections, infested wounds with maggots, and instances of self-mutilation. These revelations underline the distressing conditions in direct violation of EU Directive 98/58/EC.

Calls for Immediate Action: Urgent Pleas for a Ban

Animal rights advocates, including Kristo Muurimaa and Dr. Joanna Swabe, senior director of public affairs at HSI/Europe, stress the urgent need for EU leaders to acknowledge and address the appalling conditions on fur farms. The evidence presented in the investigation calls for swift and decisive action to ban fur farming in the EU, echoing the sentiments of twenty countries that have already taken this crucial step.

Global Impact and Zoonotic Threats: Beyond Borders

The investigation sheds light on the global impact of fur farming, with approximately 100 million animals used for fur globally annually. Notably, the potential for zoonotic disease spread on fur farms, highlighted by COVID-19 infections in mink on over 480 fur farms across 13 countries, raises significant public health concerns. Leading virologists and health authorities emphasize the need to eliminate fur farming for pandemic preparedness.

Environmental Impact: A Climate Concern

In addition to ethical and health concerns, the investigation reveals the significant environmental impact of fur farming. Peer-reviewed research commissioned by HSI indicates that the carbon footprint of mink fur is 31 times higher than cotton, while raccoon dog fur and fox fur have similarly alarming carbon footprints. Fur farming scores poorly in air emissions, water pollution, and water consumption, adding urgency to the call for a ban.

Fashion Industry and Global Trends: A Shift Towards Compassion

Despite the fur industry’s grim realities, positive shifts are evident in the fashion world. Major designers, including Kering’s six fashion brands and other renowned names, have adopted fur-free policies. This aligns with evolving global trends, as consumers increasingly choose ethical alternatives over fur products.

Conclusion: A Defining Moment for Animal Welfare

As the largest-ever investigation into EU fur farms unveils the shocking conditions endured by animals, the call for an EU-wide ban on fur farming intensifies. The evidence presented demands immediate action from EU leaders to put an end to this cruel industry. The global impact on public health and the environment, coupled with changing consumer preferences, signals a defining moment for animal welfare. It is now imperative for the European Commission to heed the urgent calls for change and take a decisive stand against the inherent cruelty of fur farming.

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