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Horns of bull set on hearth throughout competition in Spain

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Animal welfare organizations AnimaNaturalis and CAS Worldwide documented the struggling of a bull in Spain whose horns have been set on hearth on Saturday.


The Toro de Jubilo competition within the small city of Medinaceli in Spain represents a convention that has been controversial as a result of its important animal welfare issues.

A picket construction is hooked up to the bull’s horns, which is then set on hearth. To set the construction on hearth, the animal is tied to a pole. The animal exhibited excessive indicators of misery, struggling to get away from the fireplace on his head.

“From the beginning of the bull competition, it was clear that one thing was flawed with the bull. He walked with a tilted head, presumably as a result of weight of the picket construction with burning materials fixed to his horns,” CAS International stated, including that it took eleven minutes to set the construction on hearth.

“All this time, the bull was tied to a submit. In consequence, the bull collapsed a number of instances underneath the load of the picket construction. The bull repeatedly obtained blows to make him get up once more and proceed the occasion,” CAS added.

In keeping with the occasion’s group, the bull’s head is coated with mud to stop burns from the fireplace. Regardless of this, veterinarians say the fireplace considerably impacts the bull, and the animal experiences excessive stress, concern, and struggling. “The hearth bull of Medinaceli is among the bull festivals that provoke probably the most outrage at each nationwide and worldwide ranges,” CAS Worldwide stated.

“The stunning factor is that every one the occasions of Saturday proceeded in line with the official rules. For these sorts of festivals, it’s even established within the rules that this animal abuse is authorized and thus could be carried out through the festivals,” Maite van Gerwen, director of CAS, stated.

Fireplace bull festivals additionally occur somewhere else in Spain. They’re extra frequent in smaller cities and rural areas, the place they’re typically deeply rooted in native custom. Some cities have changed reside animals with mechanical bulls.

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