Home News Police discovered 900 uncared for pigs at medicine lab on farm in Belgium

Police discovered 900 uncared for pigs at medicine lab on farm in Belgium

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Police discovered 900 uncared for pigs whereas raiding a medicine lab on a farm in Belgium. The farmer is suspected of offering his barns for drug-related actions.


“In a farm in Bekkevoort, an energetic drug lab was found, however in the identical farm, the police additionally discovered about 900 uncared for pigs in numerous stables,” Leuven police advised native media. A veterinarian was referred to as to the scene in Bekkefoort because the animals have been deceased or ill.

“About 70 pigs needed to be euthanized on the spot,” police mentioned. “For the roughly 700 dwelling pigs, two caretakers have been appointed who will likely be liable for the care of the animals. The animals have been seized by the Animal Welfare Service. The canines and chickens that have been current on the farm have been transferred to De Zorghoeve.”

The Belgian Federal Company for the Security of the Meals Chain (FAVV) and the Animal Welfare Service will monitor the welfare of the animals.

The Leuven Public Prosecutor’s Workplace is additional investigating animal welfare violations by the 39-year-old farmer.

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